The Salad Revolution – Free Event

The Salad Revolution – Free Event
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    Come on India, and the world, let’s Saladify our meals with this Salad Revolution, an attempt from Team SHARAN in building a Culture of Health. Time: Saturday, 26th Sept 12 pm – 1 pm IST: Why should we be eating salads & Is it safe to eat Raw? We all at SHARAN are enjoying our salads, in spite of Covid times. Find out why and how with none other than Dr Nandita Shah who practically has only salads as meals! This will be followed by some simple yet delicious salad recipe demos. 3 pm – 4 pm IST: What NOT to add in a Salad?! Find out salad dos and don’ts in this interesting session with nutritionist Shalu Nijhawan, which will be followed by some yummy salad demos. 6 pm to 7 pm IST: The Basics of a Salad Dressing Learn the art of creating your own salads in this session which will get you creative with Vinita Punjabi. Learn some dressings from our experts too. Sunday, 27th Sept 12 pm to 1 pm IST : Colour Coding..

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    September 26, 2020-September 27, 2020