Resin Abstract Art

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    Participants will learn 1. How to handle resin & hardener 2. Correct mixing of resin & hardener 3. Mixing colours with resin solution 4. Protecting the board before pouring the mixture 5. Proper pouring of mixture 6. Various ways/techniques of pouring and creating designs 7. Adding embellishments and glitters 8. How to protect painting from dust 9. After curing, cleaning the edges of the painting and giving final touch Materials Required 1. Resin hardener kit 2. Gloves 3. Mixing cups/plastic cups/paper cups 4. Mixing sticks (ice cream sticks) 5. Board to work one 6. Resin pigments 7. Heat gun. Age Limit: 8+ Recording or uploading of this stream is not permitted.

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    August 09, 2020-August 09, 2020

Phone 6361358825