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    Here are the list of activities day-wise which we will be offering you to work: Day 1 Activity 1 - Finger Painting Activity 2 - Life Timeline Activity 3 - Calmness Collage Day 2 Activity 4 - Draw Your Happy Place Activity 5 - Mind Mapping Thoughts Activity 6 - Beauty From Ashes Day 3 Activity 7 - Paint To Music Activity 8 - Draw Yourself As A Tree Activity 9 - Softness Project Day 4 Activity 10 - Gratitude Mandala Activity 11 - You Are A Star Activity 12 - Self Soothe Box All the activities are written here a mixture of relaxation art activities and self-discovery activities. On the last day, we are indulging into the self -care activities and curating a self soothe box for each participant which they will cherish for a long period of time. Age Limit: 18+ Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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    September 13, 2020-October 03, 2020